Botcopy. It's All About Humans.

Duh! Of course it is. We're da users, isn't we? And evolution made us really social too, so humanising is a bright idea. Right place. Right time, and all that.

But how much humanisation does a bot need? The challenge is to quantify and benchmark what seems like a subjective process. I created the "Bot to Human Dialogue Index", or BHDI, to do just that, and it's beginning to get noticed around the community as a viable way to apply testable logic to character or persona development. The one-liner is this. For every bot, there's an optimum level of humanisation. You can read all about it here. A full best practices white paper is coming soon.

The BHDI is a great jumping off point for any character discussion about your business's bots. But whether to humanise or not to humanise, is just the beginning. Placing your new bot's personality within your company's strategic plan is the next critical step.

As you can probably guess, I could yak about this stuff for hours. But in the interests of brevity just email me and we can talk. Full Disclosure: I am not boring ;).

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