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Humanisation. It's Big.

As we barrel our way towards a more automated future, robo-human communication will become ever more important. English (or any other human language) is now code, but ensuring that it's high priority will be key.

Keeping the focus on Robo-Human communication skills will be the domain of specialist professional consultants like me. To prepare the way forward, I'm advancing best-practices methodology concepts to help us all get it right.

The first fundamental challenge is find a way to . I start with my own "Bot to Human Dialogue Index" or BHDI, to set the framework for that discussion.

Aside from the actual process itself, training content teams to handle day-to-day robocopy upkeep, and helping companies realize the brand equity potential of their bots are also big parts of the value equation.

Things are very busy for me, so when I helped Nuki bot with its new robo-dating profile, Nuki offered to take on my FAQ duties in return. I'm not happy with the result. Email me at any time if you have any questions.

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