About Chatbot Copywriter

Chatbot Copywriter Crew Chief

Simon Gornick is my name. Not surprisingly, for a conversation designer, I'm quite the raconteur. Email me and we'll chat.

Let's Do It!

Yes, we're 'thought leaders' with great c.v's, but who cares. We prefer try-outs. If we pass, which we're confident we will, we get to work.

The Power of Personality

Creating relatable 'avatar' personas for your bots is a critical part of the engagement-retenion equation. You'll have a ton of questions. I'll answer them.

Beeps and Peeps in Harmony!

As the world automates, how well beeps and peeps commmunicate will become ever more important. It's up to specialists like me to help make these experiences as real and memorable as possible.


Tech and creative will need to blend more closely in the new robo-scape. Tall order for most writers, but I'm a startup guy so I get the stack.

CC Skillset Training

The CC training pack is a simple skillset your in-house team can learn to analyse, adjust, enhance, and maintain your company's bot roster.

Adding Serious Value

Leveraging your bots as brand assets will put your outfit ahead while most just see bots as cold cost-saving devices or cute gimmicks.

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