Bots Just Wanna Be Loved

Language is what makes us human. We just love yakking to each other, which is why we humanise just about anything, from cats to cars to pieces of toast. So it's a no-brainer we humanise our chatbots and voice bots too.

But there's a problem. With everybody betting big on A.I., businesses forget that connecting with prospects, customers and employees (who last we heard were always human) requires old time, specialised H.I.* too.

As smart as these companies are, they forget a fundamental truth, AI can't write. And especially at the early stages of the bot lifecycle when data is thin, specialised, 'humanised' conversation design is critical to jumping that "low data bridge".

Oddly, most companies don't seem connect their poorly performing bots to those bots' poorly written, usually mechanical personalities. But you get it, which is why you're here, visiting with "The Great Humaniser".

So if your bots, Alexa Skills, or Google Assistant Actions seem generic or lack flair, CC can help them shine, as engaging user interfaces for your business as well as strategic brand assets.

And when you need new bots, characters, functions, and digital tricks, CC's there for you. Plus I'll show your team how to humanise too, so you can manage your business's bots with confidence.

If you'd like to discuss how I can help you, just email me, and I'll get back to you asap, or quicker if I can.

*H.I.= Human Intelligence (Organic, with no artificial additives).

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